Spa Skimmer Single Filter

Spa Skimmer Single Filter

Hersteller Waterway

Artikel-Nr.: LSpa12414

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Produktinformationen "Spa Skimmer Single Filter"

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Spa Skimmer Single Filter für Outdoor Whirlpool 


Type of product: Square Spa Skimmer
Manufacturer / Model: Waterway  sq ft, single port
Colour / Finish: White, Smooth

Overall Höhe: 330 mm
Overall Breite: 190 mm
Overall Tiefe: ca. 170 mm 
Fits hole size: 145 mm x 133 mm

Commonly used with:  
Assembly Notes:

The surface area will need to be completely flat. In most cases you would leave the top horizontal cut in the acrylic slightly higher so that the housing can slip in from the front, no more than 5mm. You will need to pilot through the acrylic shell once the unit is in place. Assembly with plenty of silicone including the screw holes.

PVC weiß


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