3,6 kW Curved Tee Heater

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Produktinformationen "3,6 kW Curved Tee Heater"

  • Leistung Amper: 14,4 A, Heizung: 3,6 kW
  • Maße Durchmesser: 5,4 cm, Länge: 33,0 cm
  • Marke Gecko® Spa Heater, Thermcore Spa Heater

Gebogener Tee Filter, Whirlpool-Heizung 3,6 kW, 220 - 240 V, 50Hz

Die Whirlpoolheizung eines Außenwhirlpools ist neben dem Ozon-Generator (Ozonator) eines der empfindlichen Komponenten Ihres Jacuzzi. 

Type of product: Heater assembly
Make and Model: Replacement Heater for example Arctic Spas curved tee style, has also been made by Aquatemps in the past as well as Thermocore. RMF Related Heater 3.6kw. Part: A2360-5251ET, Serial: 33038-0904-8463.

This unit replaces the old Aquatemp heater on Arctic Spas from 2002-2005
Power: Volts: 230
Hz: 50
KW: 3.6
Amps: 13.5-14.5
Specification Sensor compatibility: Works with Gecko sensors but can be modified
Material spec:
Required flow rate: Set by pressure switch
Flow detection: 2-PSI Tecmark pressure switch
Compatible with: For example: Arctic Spa Models Cub, Fox, Glacier, Yukon, Frontier, Summit, Klondiker, Kodiac, Tundra 2002 - 2005. This unit will also work with newer models 2005 - 2007 as the pipe work is flexible and can be easily re-positioned.
Connections / Fixings: This is a remote heater that connects to the control system via a grey 5-pin JJ cord. So simple plug and play. You will need to re-connect the pressure switch and also slide the hi-limit sensor back in to the little pocket provided. The union connections are industry standard 2 inch female MPT screw thread connection.

Heater length: 385mm
Heater Diameter: 54mm (internal)
Between terminals: N/A
Overall length complete: 410mm


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