Balboa Pumpe HA350

Balboa Pumpe HA350

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  • Pumpenart Single Speed, Zirkulationspumpe

Balboa Jet und Whirlpool Pumpe HA350

2 Wet End Models

The HA350 pumps are equipped with either a self draining wet end or a center suction wet end with drain connection. The standard thread is Buttress, but upon request we can also offer BSP threading to suit your needs.

Variable Control
Control the water flow with our HydroFlow control which regulates the flow in your water system. The HA350 pump is also excellent in combination with standard triac regulation like our Classic Line variable controls.

Dry Run Protection
One of the optional, innovative features is "dry run" protection. This feature provides the optimal security for pneumatic pumps.

Flexible Installation
Besides the special integrated anti-vibration feet, we can also offer pumps with a mounting plate to ensure easy and fast installation. Also BSP threads is an option. You can contact our sales department for further information.

The HA350 pumps are TÜV approved according to European norms EN60335-1 and EN60335-2-41 with focus on EN60335-2-60 where relevant.


•  Buttress 2 1/2" thread
•  Compact design
•  Center Suction with Drain Connection and Self Draining Models
•  Dry Run protection
•  220 - 240V/ 50Hz
•  For both pneumatic and electronic use (with built-in pneumatic switch)
•  Ingress protection: IPx5
•  Low power consumption
•  Pneumatic switch & cable mounted at rear of terminal box
•  Recommended for variable speed control
•  Silent running
•  Special anti-vibration feet
•  Supplied with 3 m cable
•  Thermal protection
•  Material: Motor extruded aluminum, wet end PP

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