Balboa Hydromassage Pumpe 200

Balboa Hydromassage Pumpe 200

Hersteller Balboa Water Group

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Produktinformationen "Balboa Hydromassage Pumpe 200"

  • Pumpenart Single Speed, Zirkulationspumpe
  • Leistung 0,5 PS = 0,37 kW

Balboa Hydromassage Pumpe 200

The range of Balboa 200 Series Hydromassage Pumps have been designed specifically for spa bath (whirlpool spa) applications giving maximum performance for the ultimate relaxing spa experience.

The Balboa Hydromassage Pumps provide excellent hydraulic performance in a compact and extremely quiet design. Designed to circulate hot water in (whirlpool) spa baths, these pumps incorporate a special internal design to ensure the pump self drains eliminating the build up of unhygenic/stale water.

  • With a gentle touch you are in control of the water massage.
  • Comfort Heat at your fingertips places you n control of the dedicated heating module.
  • Dry run safety stops the pump if there is no water – preserving the life of your pump.
  • Intelligent electronics protect your pump when the supply voltage is beyond normal limits.
  • Fitted with an independent motor overload to minimize electrical motor damage.
  • Reliable operation from the continuous duty 24/7 motor.

Balboa Hydromassage Pump 200

Power: 0.45 kW


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