Balboa Niagara Jet Pumpe, 2 double speed 3,0 PS

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Produktinformationen "Balboa Niagara Jet Pumpe, 2 double speed 3,0 PS"

  • Pumpenart Douple Speed, Massagepumpe
  • Anschluss; Innlet/Outlet 2,0" Zoll
  • Leistung 3,0 PS = 2,5 kW

Balboa Jet und Whirlpool Pumpe Serie Niagara, 2 double spead, 3,0 PS

Premier Niagara pumps are the ultimate benchmark in design, flexibility and performance. From small applications for zone seating and focused therapy up to multi pump configurations to run 100+ jetted systems, Niagara pumps supply the specific performance features you require and the long service life and powerful performance spa owners demand.

Niagara pumps offer the options you need...an energy-efficient package, unsurpassed design, lexibility, ease of installation, high flow rate and dependable operation. Contact your Balboa Water Group representative for more information.

• High flow rates exceeding 44 m³/h for maximum performance in your
  luxury applications.
• All seals are carbon ceramic with Viton® Elastomers for long-lasting
  performance, easily enduring prolonged heat and chemical exposure.
• Multi-directional volute mountings provide the flexibility to
  accommodate any configuration; 63mm, 2” and 2.5” union options.
• Choose single or 2-speed motors from 2 or 3 HP. With 2-speed
  models, sanitation and heating can occur while maintaining lower
  operational costs.
• Specify an ultra efficient motor and our highest efficiency hydraulics
  versions help meet appliance efficiency regulations.
• The pumps are supplied with centre suction and 2 drain connections
  to ensure total drainage of pump.
• The Niagara pumps are VDE approved according to European
  norms EN60335-1 and EN60335-2-41

Type of product: Water pump / Jet pump / Filtration pump
Manufacturer / model: Balboa, Niagara
Frame: Labelled as 90 frame but looks around the same size of a 56 frame.
Common Power reference: 3.0 HP 2 speed
Power: Volts: 230
Hz: 50
Motor HP low / high: 0.73 / 3.35
Wet end impellor HP: 3,0
Amps low 2,5 / high speed: 11,5
Plumbing connections: 2 x 2 inch Hydroair unions
Electrical connections: Comes with 3 core amp cable attached, you can easily replace this for your existing wire on site.
Overall outer dimensions
and widest and tallest points:
Length: 459mm
Height: 203mm
Depth: 203mm
Found on hot tubs such as: This pump is based on the previous Sta-Rite model sometimes used in Spas such as Master Spas etc.

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