Jet Pumpe Serie SCPB

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Laguna Jet Punpe SCPB-Serie

Laguna Spa bietet mehrere Modelle dieser Jet Pumpe an. Wählen Sie die passaende Pumpe:

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Produktinformationen "Jet Pumpe Serie SCPB"

Laguna Spa Jet Pumpe Serie SCPB

Laguna Spa bietet mehrere Modelle dieser Zirkulationspumpe. Wählen Sie die richtige Pumpe aufgrund der Leistung:

Laguna Spa Jet Pumpe Serie SCPB100E

Leistung: 0.75 kW, 1,0 PS,
Voltage 220 V,
Inlet/Outlet 1.5" Zoll

Laguna Spa Jet Pumpe Serie SCPB150E

Leistung: 1,1 kW, 1.5 PS,
Voltage 220 V,
Inlet/Outlet 1.5" Zoll

Laguna Spa Jet Pumpe Serie SCPB200E

Leistung: 1,5 kW, 2.0 PS,
Voltage 220 V,
Inlet/Outlet 1.5" Zoll

Laguna Spa Jet Pumpe Serie SCBP250E

Leistung: 1,85 kW, 2,5 PS,
Voltage 220 V,
Inlet/Outlet 1.5" Zoll

Laguna Spa Jet Pumpe Serie SCBP300E

Leistung: 2,2 kw, 3,0 PS
Voltage: 220 Volt

Jet pump for jetted bath tubs, Spa pools, Swimming pool, massage stations and cleaning systems.

SCPB-E series is typical swimming pool pump applied for whirlpool and SPA equipment. The pump casing and guide vane and frame of impeller applied efficient structure design with max flow, max head and low noise. Cap and filter is easy to install and unload. 2"  inlet and outlet. Liquids part is made of high reinforce engineering plastic that can afford impact caused by stream. This is suitable for whirlpool and SPA pool installation. Applied mechanical seal type ensure watertight in long-time continuous operation.

Motor: Air cooling motor is suitable for Europe. The motor is under small 124 rotor punching design. The windings design is advanced that attained the advanced level in home pump industry. The frame and base is conjoined. The material of frame is aluminum; Dual-speed motor is under low-noise and less-vibrationand durability that are specialized for SPA and swimming pool pump. Insulation class F, protection IPX5, continuous duty; Single-phase with thermal protector from T1 to ensure safety and convenience.

nlet/Outlet 2.0 Zoll

◎ High performance and super pressure
◎ 2"inlet and outlet for higher performance and lower noise
◎ IPX5 Air cool motor design of moisture proof and low temperature rising
◎ Capacitor running type for energy-saving
◎ Thermal overload protector ensures the motor safety and prolongs the motor's service life
◎ Perfect for SPA system and swimming pool

Operation conditions: 
◎ Liquid temperature from + 5 ℃ - +60 ℃. 

◎ Ambient temperature up to 50 ℃. 
◎ Max. working pressure: 2.5 bar
◎ 2-Pole induction motor. 
◎ Single-phase: 220-240V/50Hz-60Hz. 
◎ Single-phase with thermal protector T.I. 
◎ Capacitor inset. 
◎ Insulation class F. 
◎ Protection standard: IPX5, aircool motor aremoissture. 
◎ Continuous duty.

1. CCC Safety certificate
2. CE certificate in EU.
Self-priming: Strong self-priming performance.

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