Air Switch TBS125, DPDT 16 amp Luftdruck Schalter

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Produktinformationen "Air Switch TBS125, DPDT 16 amp Luftdruck Schalter"

Air Switch TBS125 DPDT 16 amp 

Produktart Air Switch / Pneumatic Switch



Tecmark . TBS125

Länge 57 mm
Breite 25 mm

Höhe 50 mm

Fits hole size 15 mm

  Double Pole, Single Throw.
This means that instead of the switch being simply on or off, with an additionalcircuit connected to the lower spade, instead of being off it is now performing a 2nd operation. This can be used to toggle between a low and high speed or for use with an indicator light for example. This switch is an alternate action meaning it will hold in position 1 and then hold in position 2 when actuated. With the double pole operation this means 2 appliances can be operated on the same switch.

Bis 250 V, 16A resistive (meaning use with a heater for example), 4A inductive (meaning use with a 1HP pump for example.

  With the additional use of a timer controlling the incoming power this switch is often used to toggle between settings on the system it is operating. Basic operation is to switch either directly an appliance or a relay.

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