Air Switch TBS132A, SPNO 16 Amp EDPMn Luftdruck Schalter

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Produktinformationen "Air Switch TBS132A, SPNO 16 Amp EDPMn Luftdruck Schalter"

Air Switch TBS132A SPNO 16 Amp, EPDM 

Produktart Air Switch / Pneumatic Switch



Tecmark TBS132A

Länge 48 mm
Breite 25 mm

Höhe 48 mm

Fits hole size 15 mm

  This is a pressure switch to detect sufficient flow safe enough for the heater to operate and also used to prevent a pump from running dry.

Bis 250 V, 16A resistive (meaning use with a heater for example), 4A inductitive, for example a 1.0 HP pump. 


EPDM is the material of the diaphragm, it has been preset to work specifically with a bath heater. Basic operation is to switch either directly an appliance or a relay.

This switch is commonly used in a bath or jetted tub application in conjunction with a TBS133 mom / alt air control switch. Once the switch has detected enough pressure it will complete the circuit with the TBS133 until either the alternate switch is switched off or the pressure in the pipe work drops causing a low flow situation.

Instead of running a dry airpipe connected to an air transmitter the pipe would be connected to a pressurised outlet of the pump or heater. The water pressure will then lift the EPDM diaphragm to make contact.


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