Salt Chlorine Generator

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Laguna Spa Salt Chlor Generator

Simply adding salt to your outdoor whirlpool or Jucuzzi. The Salt Chlorine Generator from Laguna Spa makes mavelous improvement in water quality. With a salt chlorinator you don´t need to mix, measure or mess around with liquid or tablet chlorine. No need for customer to buy transport and store chlorine compounds. It save your time and money greatly.

It is amazing what the Laguna Spa Salt Chlorine Generator can do to your outdoor whirlpol or Jacuzzi.

Laguna Spa Salt Chlorine Generator uses salt to produce active chlorine a whirlpool needs safely, reliably, effectively and automatically.

As whirlpool water passing through the electrolysis plates the salt will be converted into active chlorine which kills all the contaminants within the Jacuzzi and prevents bacteria and algae from forming.

Each time the whirlpool water is re-circulated the new chlorine-based salt gets reconverted into active chlorine again and the cycle is repeated.

The whole process is completed by butonn press making your whirlpool a pleasure own and use. It´s amazing what a little salt can do to enhance your whirlpool experience.

The advantage of the Laguna Spa Salt Chlorine Generator.

  • Water temperature and water flow protection. It will stop working when the temperature is less then 15°C or above 38°C.
  • Quick control mode. You can press to adjust the working time and breaking time. It is the easiest way to operate the Laguna Spa Salt Chlorine System.
  • Easy-to-view displays enable fast checking of the data.
  • Water quality monitor function collects water quality data for you to monitor the quality easily.

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